Friday, May 7, 2010

Week G - Tea Time! Go Ji Berry Tea

A month ago I was at my dear friend's baby shower, who are now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. As a gift to all of their friends they sent us home with a wonderful tea that just happened to have Go Ji Berries. How perfect to go along with Week G! Each ingredient is dense with all sorts of health benefits. Thank you Bettina! Bettina is also a practicing acupuncturist. I highly recommend her if you are based locally in the Bay Area. She is amazing!

To find out more about her practice please take a look at her website:

Tea Time!

Make the tea with the following dry ingredients:
Go Ji Berries (she taught me how to spell it properly)
Chrysanthemum flowers
Peach Pit

Health Benefits:
Go Ji Berries - nourish blood and benefit the eyes, good for people who exert themsleves too much either physically or mentally, don't we all? again, good for people who overuse the computer to nourish their eyes
Chrysanthemum flowers - disperse wind and clear heat, which is helpful with fever and headache, it further clears the Liver and eyes, good for red, painful, itchy, burning eyes due to allergy or dry eyes due to staring at the computer lot
Peach Pit - moves the intestines and unblocks the bowels as well as breaking up blood stasis- good for constipation and painful menstrual problems