Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week E - Make Edamame the New Green Pea

Ever wonder what that block of white mass they call tofu really is? Tofu is the product made out of a whole bean native to Eastern Asia. There are many names for this sweet nutty flavored legume. Japanese consume this frequently as a light but energy boosting snack. They call it "Edamame". In English we have come to know it as a "Soy Bean". Soy Beans have been consumed for thousands of years across Eastern Asia in countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam. Recently Edamame has become quite the hit on American health chart radar.
Soy beans are a complete protein containing all nine amino acids. This is an ideal candidate for the vegetarian diet.
Eating a half a cup of Edamame regularly will also provide you with a healthy dose of fiber and isoflavones, helping to lower blood cholesterol levels and decreases risk of heart disease. The isoflavones found in soy beans are also good for strong bones and healthy teeth. Edamame is highly recommended for diabetics as it is said to balance and maintain sugar levels. Make Edamame the new frozen pea in a variety of dishes. You can now find Edamame in most stores in the frozen section. Specialty grocery stores and farmers markets offer them fresh, I believe in late spring or early summer. Anyone?

Ingredients Serves 5
1 Cup Japonica Forbiddin Black Rice, rinsed well
1 3/4 Cups distilled water
pinch sea salt, for rice
1 Cup edamame, frozen
1 Tbsp lime juice
2 Tbsp sesame oil
1/4 Cup (1sm) carrot, diced small
1/4 Cup shallot, diced small
1/4 Cup cilantro, whole leaves only
to taste sea salt, fine
2 Tbsp organic low sodium tamari sauce,

1) Bring forbiddin rice to a boil over high heat with a pinch of sea salt. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for approximately 30 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for five minutes with lid on.
2) While the rice is cooking bring a small pot of water to a boil. Add edamame to boiling water and cook for 1 minute or until they appear bright and green. Remove from boiling water and rinse under very cold water.
3) Once the rice is finished place in mixing bowl and toss rice gently with sesame oil, tamari sauce and lime juice. If you desire more citrus to the flavor add lime juice to taste.
4) Gently toss in the carrots, shallots and cilantro.

I am a strong believer in not wasting food, so why not use what you have left over in the refrigerator? I had some left over brown rice along with my delicious Edamame and Forbidden Rice and made a fried rice dish! ..mmmmmmmm.. Check out some serving options: Serve with Glazed Chili Tempe, Marinated tofu and or your favorite stir fry!